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IPTV: Cutting the cord from the cable company? There are a huge amount of options these days; it is dizzying and if unchecked cutting the cord can be just as expensive.

What is iptv? the short answer is live tv broadcasts over the internet. [But also includes those that only deliver content via the net also]. If you've ever watched your local news on their website, you've watched iptv.

The rest of the site hasn't been redone, but I'd thought it would be cool to preview the look....again..

As the internet and its dynamic nature has changed, many options on the site have been removed. Honestly the rate of changes to background scripts for items such as location services, change so often, for no other reason than the provider gathering more user data, that I have abandoned any script that changes more than 1 or 2 times a year. I am [at no real pace] updating some of the Geo-Location api's however it is not for a production environment or general use..




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